endless longing

I live for Him and Him alone. Maria. 20. Ky. Photos, Cats, and Warm Beverages.

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  • The distinctive gargle and flap of the wings marks the signature of the locals.All essentials covered.Morning preparation and recovery after an evening of good times.ApproachThe boulders of Yosemite Valley often hide in the dense forest below the mesmerizing walls.The beauty of bouldering comes with it's simplicity and the problem solving nature of the routes. Brian Russell gives it one last study before his last attempt of the trip. Last light, last go on King Cobra (V8) at the Camp 4 boulders.Moonstrike on the big stone.



    Two Days In Yosemite

    I awoke in the pre-dawn hours discombobulated and delirious to a very distinctive gargle and flap of the wings. As I pried my lids open I found myself in a world where the air was so crisp you could see your own breath and so still you could hear the leaves falling to the ground, all covered with a thin blanket of campfire smoke serenity. I love fall in the Valley.

    Yosemite is our Mecca and Camp Four is our home. As climbers, this is understood. 

    "Find your line, and climb it."

    (via oregon-dreaming)

    As I walk out of the coffee shop I had holed up in to edit photos,

    "Hey! Are you a photographer?"
    "Can you take my picture?"
    "Sure, why not!"
    "But I want you to be in it too!"
    "Nahhhh, i’ll just take one of you"

    "have you ever dated a black guy"
    "can’t say that I have"
    "well, you should give it a shot"
    "I’ll keep that in mind haha!"
    "what’s your name?"
    "Well, you are very beautiful"
    "Thank you very much!"

    It’s interesting, the things that happen when you carry a camera around.


    The sun gleams in
    Hear the magpies sing for sorrow
    It makes things better
    Maybe we’ll get to spread 
    Our wings tomorrow
    If luck will let us
    Can anyone fly into these grey skies?
    Is there somewhere I’m meant to be

    Sea fog comes like a river 
    Rolls a stone it’s rolling me

    I missed my turn
    In the dark I hear your voice
    It makes things easy
    I’ve strayed too far from the road
    Where she could always make things easy
    And I won’t fight through the rising tide
    If that’s the way it has to be 

    Sea fog comes like a river 
    Rolls a stone it’s rolling me
    Sea fog comes like a river 
    Rolls a stone it’s rolling me

    (via tblaberge)

    Based on your Tumblr, I think you'd be a calm and collected person. You know what you like and will do what it takes to be happy.

    I wish this were true. I would agree that I am calm, but I am very much not collected.

    However, I do know what I like, but I do not put forth the effort to do what it takes to happy. I don’t really know what would make me happy.

    I think it’s super cool that that is what you think of me though :) Definitely something to strive for. Thank you!

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