endless longing

I live for Him and Him alone. Maria. 20. Ky. Photos, Cats, and Warm Beverages.

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    Hello new followers,
    My name is Todd, I’m twenty-three, and nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three. I’m a photographer from Michigan. I’m going to school for design and media communications. Right now I’m looking at becoming an art director somewhere after I graduate. For right now, I shoot weddings, portraits, and try to travel as much as possible. I try to be as transparent as I can, I love to meet new people and hear about their goals and aspirations. I’m here for any questions or support you might need in those areas. I also started a project with one of my best friends this past year called Real Feels. It’s an outlet for my talents in music photography and videography. Feel free to check it out and support it if you feel so inclined. We put a lot of time & effort into it and see very little to no monetary profit. Otherwise I spend my time working my day job, doing hood rat things with my friends, and spending time with my strong, courageous, creative, and very inspiring lovebird, Lauren

    If you guys have any questions, need prayer, or just someone to talk to, feel free to message me. Anything personal sent to me is safe and will remain between us. I’d like to think I’ve walked a very different path than many of my peers, so if you’re looking for fresh, out of the box advice, feel free to send some love my way. Thanks for following!

    PC: Chance Monnette (he stole my theme)

    Todd is one of the most genuine humans I have ever had the pleasure to be friends with


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